I started this blog to share my ideas, knowledge and inspirations around BI, consulting, people management, technical skills, and anything and everything to do with what it means to be successful in business today. I hope you can use them no matter what industry you work in. Please feel free to share on  Facebook or LinkedIn so that a colleague or a friend who needs some advice (or a laugh) can get something out of this blog too.

Nobody ever really sat me down to teach me what it means to sell yourself and that I was often underselling myself. I learnt that I was not happy “fitting in with the crowd”. I didn’t want to be just another consultant who could be replaced tomorrow and no one would miss them. Instead, I would bring my technical knowledge and my personality along to client meetings.

Today I have the confidence to be loud, opinionated and unapologetically myself. Hopefully I can inspire someone else to be true to themselves more, because there’s more to life than spreadsheets and deadlines.