10 modern slang terms to help you understand the dweebs and dwankies in your office! #FridayFun


Ever get the feeling that the kids in the office are talking about things you don’t understand? Or has the new graduate intake led to the stark realisation that your lingo is out of date?

Fear not, for the BI Yogi has scoured the interwebs and found 10 modern words you might hear those young cats throwing around. Next time there is a heated discussion on office politics at the water cooler you can amaze and confuse them in equal measures.

1. Aproprability

Noun: The ability to sense how appropriate to be in any given situation. Showing up at the office in a bikini top and flip-flops on casual Friday shows a bad sense of aproprability, especially for a hairy-chested investment banker.

2. Ambitchous

Adjective: striving to be more of a bitch than the average bitch; high ambitions to achieve success, power, wealth, a specific goal; striving for greatness. You better not get in her way or you will suffer the consequences.

3. Code monkey

Noun: A programmer who isn’t actually involved in any aspect of conceptual or design work but simply writes code to specifications given. Can often be used to describe a graduate on his or her first placement.

4. Exponential Power

Expr.: the ability to increase a small amount of work or quantity of something to a very large number. An innate ability all good project managers possess.

5. Bait and brag

Expr.: catching up with an old colleague or reconnecting with friends for the sole purpose of bragging because they’ve run out of colleagues (read: anyone who respects them enough to listen anymore) to talk to.

6. Cabooble

Noun, 18th Century US slang: the last person to be picked for a project team due to their sub-par abilities. A cabooble can still come out of left field and surprise everyone, however they tend to just quietly get on with it.

7. Thot

Noun: acronym for “That Ho Over There”; plural: thotties; the girl at the office who nobody likes; tends to wear skimpy clothes and post bible quotes on social media; untrustworthy and unloyal.

8. Brainspin

Noun: The inability to sleep because of your brain fixating on the whirlwind of thoughts going through your mind about everything you should have done differently while at work, what you should have said to your boss or how your presentation slides need fixing.

9. Carcoleptic

Noun: a co-worker who falls asleep as soon as they enter the car-share to work, providing absolutely no company, in-car entertainment or help such as directions.

10. Execubabble

Expr.: typical language used by project leaders characterized through excessive use of executive words and abstract terms that mean little in the real world. “Paradigms are shifting, but the team has drilled down to the heart of the challenge. Blue sky thinking from here on.”

What crazy new words or phrases have you come across? Leave them in the comments below and subscribe for more!

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